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July 26, 2012
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Nintendo 3DS
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Jul 26, 2012, 1:01:39 AM
Spectral Duke Dragon Deck by zoroark555 Spectral Duke Dragon Deck by zoroark555
This is my vanguard deck that i took to my first vanguard tournament. I surprisingly won the whole thing.

my match-ups were
1 gold paladin deck - my first and most challenging opponent. beat him 2-1
1 oracle think tank deck - main reason for winning is that my opponent kept on drawing his triggers and getting bad checks with CEO Amaterasu. beat him 2-0
1 royal paladin deck - he was playing the deck wrong and got bad drive/damage checks. beat him 2-0
1 angel feather deck - he focused too much on my rear guard units trying to stop me from limit break and superior calling. my victory was guaranteed as soon as he got me to 4 damage. beat him 2-1

grade 0
black dragon whelp, vortimer - starting vanguard
4 heal trigger
6 draw trigger
6 critical trigger

grade 1
3 scout of darkness, vortimer
3 blade feather valkyrie
2 war horse raging storm
2 silver fang witch
2 knight of elegant skills, gareth
1 halo shield, mark
2 little battler, tron

grade 2
3 black dragon knight, vortimer
3 flash edge valkyrie
2 player of the holy bow, viviane
2 mage of calamity, tripp
1 knight of superior skills, beaumaines

grade 3
2 spectral duke dragon
2 great silver wolf, garmore
2 gigantech destroyer
1 knight of endurance, lucan

thats the deck list just in case the picture is too much of a bad quality

war horse will come out for another vortimer and mark
lucan will come out for another duke or possibly ezel.
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DragonTamer256 Aug 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Only two spectral duke? I run for for the ride chain. Otherwise you risk not being able to get off the superior ride. But hey, you still one the whole thing. I think you should run at least 1 ezel cos' its boss. I don't have it unfortunately. But good deck lineup!
i use 3 SDD now. i like 3 better than 4. i dont have ezel at the moment but he will be in the deck when i get it.
DragonTamer256 Aug 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Cool. Yeah, unfortunately I don't have him as well. *Sad face*
But I'm thinking of getting him single. That would make things easier.

i got rid of this deck. wasnt feeling it, im now using dark irregulars and come november i'll be playing bermuda
DragonTamer256 Aug 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Oh. I'm guessing you got the latest booster box.It has a lot of Dark irregulars support. I especially can't until Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows to come out since I want to make a
Shadow Paladin deck. And Bermuda will get a lot more support with the extra booster so I'm guessing that's why you'll make it.
yup yup! i love bermuda so i'll be buying a bunch of diva festival. probably at least 3 boxes. most likely 4 since i plan on building riviere.
DragonTamer256 Aug 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nice! I don't really plan on making a Bermuda deck because I'm still working on my Narukami deck. Well, good luck with the making!
lol thanks. good luck with the narukami
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Zemroth Jul 26, 2012  Student Artist
i so want to play this game ever since i watched the show
its cheaper than yugioh

trial decks cost 20 bucks but the booster packs are so cheap it comes out to about even.

and depending on the deck you want to build you might not even have to buy a trial deck
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